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die before you die

Die before you die..

For a devotee, death is not the end, for a devotee, death is the beginning, death is begging of entrance into a realm of eternity, knowledge and bliss. But for a materialist, death is simply the end of everything that we identify with, the end of our entire existence. So therefore a devotee doesn’t mind getting old. Because he knows he is utilizing this body, this mind and this intelligence in Krishna consciousness. As the body gets older the soul is getting closer and closer to that eternal spiritual youthful form, therefore it is said, die before you die. If we do that before we die we can attain eternal life. Devotees do not fear death. A sincere devotee only fears forgetting Krishna, forgetting Krishna means spiritual death.

H H Radhanath Swami Maharaj

maharaj hug

maharaj hug


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