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Rupa Goswani explains in Krishna consciousness this type of detachment (to become indifferent; not attracted, not averse) we can use in for Krishna’s service that is the highest platform for self-realization. In India it is a tradition that sanyasis cannot leave if a sanyasi leaves India he is doomed to be drowned in the ocean of Western material enjoyment and all the propaganda around it. Srila Prabhupada experiencing the highest taste of Krishna consciousness; he was truly detached on the order of his Guru Maharaj, he left alone with no company, no servant,s no bramacharis, no Godbrothers; New York city the very heart of Maya’s fortress of illusion. He just started right in alone, he was not attracted, he was not averse, he was to the principle of self gratification, he was attracted to the principle of surrendering and devotion that we must have and by and by his compassion and mercy those people that were considered most untouchable became transformed into great Vaisnavas by the power of
Krishna coming through his devotional service.

– H.H.Radhanath Swami


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